Volleyball Club 

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Titanium VC COVID Protocols

Titanium strongly recommends that ALL club members who are age eligible get vaccinated ASAP.

We will have one-way entries and exits – coaching staff will supervise this

Parents must remain in their cars while dropping off and picking up

Our Health Screening document must be completed before the athlete exits the vehicle – can be done electronically and submitted to the club email address

On site a coach will confirm Health Screening information and get athlete initials on the tracking sheet at each practice.

Additional Health Questions about COVID status of their school and classroom may be incorporated

Athlete Temperature will be taken – values greater than 38C sends the athlete home

Athletes will wash/clean/disinfect their hands before going to their courtside space

Athletes must wear a mask until they are involved in warm up or a drill on the court- our preference is that the mask is used only for volleyball

Athletes must come ready to play.  That means a full Water Bottle, shoes on, zip lock baggie, disinfectant wipes or hand sanitizer,  NO GYM BAGS PERMITTED

There are No Change rooms and one washroom facility to be used one at a time.  

Athletes must remain on assigned court only.

Athletes may only use balls designated for that court.

Drills will be designed with as much adherence to social distancing as possible – with no prolonged physical contact – no High Fives, no Hugs, no court Huddles, no…

Coaches must wear masks

During the practice time hand sanitizing will happen at 30 minute intervals

Athletes and Coaches will work together to maintain 2m distancing throughout the practice

Balls, Nets, and Posts will be sanitized by coaches at the end of each practice session

Athletes and Coaches will wash/clean/disinfect their hands before going to their rides home AND will wash their hand thoroughly once they are home.

The building capacity and gym capacity will not exceed the required 50% required for the present phase of re-opening.  

OVA Response to Coronavirus (COVID-19) (ontariovolleyball.org)